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From newsrooms to public sector communication departments, I've had the privilege of working with talented people to help tell communities about the things that affect them. I'm good at taking complicated, important information, making it more accessible and communicating it to people in ways that work for them. Among my jobs have been stints on newspapers in the South and Pacific Northwest, working as a visual journalist and editorial cartoonist. I currently work on the communications team of a large public school system, as a writer, editor and photographer. I also create freelance copy, infographics, illustrations and cartoons, and you should contact me about your project right now.

Education: I'm an alumnus of Duke University, where I earned a bachelor's degree in political science, and Florida State University, where I earned a master's degree in information.

Miscellany: I live in my beautiful hometown of Richmond, Va. and enjoy dog slobber, hiking, sports mascots, native plants, time travel movies, repetitive pop-punk music, Duke football, my family (who care not at all about Duke football), and relaxed evenings with a bottle of craft cider and the AP Stylebook.

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